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Non-GMO, Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil (4x 30mLs)

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Non-GMO, Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil (4x 30mLs)

True, authentic, wild Mediterranean oregano oil in an extra strength blend

  • Origanum vulgare
  • Extra strength
  • 81% natural carvacrol
  • Certified 100% organic

Ethical Care™ oregano oil is wild-grown and carefully hand-picked in the remote regions of Antalya – Turkey to provide you the finest quality oregano oil.

This oil of oregano is 5x more powerful than other products due to its extraordinarily high natural carvacrol content of 81% compared to some brands which are as little as 12%. Ethical Care™ premium quality oregano oil supports your whole body with the pure full strength of origanum vulgare without synthetically added agents.

It can be taken as a food oil for maintaining wellbeing or applied directly on the skin (patch testing first needed).

Since the pure, steam-distilled oil is too potent to use full strength, it has been blended with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Both specifically cultivated plants are non-genetically modified breeds and 100% organic certified. The manufacturing process meets the highest GMP standards, also.

Ethical Care™ oregano oil contains phenols: carvacrol and thymol, both of which are scientifically proven for a range of uses. It’s also high in vitamins A, C, E and K as well as fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium and potassium for natural wellnness.


Turkey (Mediterranean).


Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (Australian), pure oregano oil (non-GMO origanum vulgare).

Our one of a kind 100% money back guarantee to you:

We guarantee you won’t find a better quality oregano oil or we’ll give you all of your money back, that’s how confident we are in the quality of Ethical Care™ oregano oil. Learn more here about our money back guarantee.

Please note:

Due to advertising laws and regulations here in Australia, we are unable to advertise specific health benefits or uses of oregano oil. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. 5 out of 5


    Made the order yesterday and the order arrived today. Also spoke with the gentleman on the phone and had all questions answered. Great customer service. Great quality product.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve read a lot about oregano oil, especially what it could do for candida over-growth. I’m hopeful the oregano oil along with my holistic health plan help to get the sucker out. Thanks for the fast delivery.

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Purchasing Oregano Oil

Make sure the oregano oil purchased is from the medicinal type of oregano, origanum vulgare, first and foremost. Second make sure its carvacrol is natural, not synthetic. Third that the product itself is 100% certified organic. Last but not least, that the oil of oregano is not genetically modified (non-gmo).