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About Oregano Oil Australia

Hi my name is Samir and I am the CEO and founder here at Oregano Oil Australia and Ethical Care.

  • My purpose is to help people re-align with nature
  • I believe one step at a time we can change the world for the better
  • Deep down I know God is within each and every one of us
  • That the secret to success is health, wealth, purposeful career, love and happiness
  • Each and every one of us has a gift to share with the world, here’s mine to you…

Oregano Oil Australia wants to help you!

Oregano Oil Australia’s standard of quality is extremely high. We only retail non-gmo, steam distilled, 100% certified organic, wild oregano oil that comes from Turkey because we care.

Distilled from the origanum vulgare plant, the oregano oil we supply has a golden-liquid-oily texture with a sharp natural aroma. When you open up a bottle the powerful scent will excite and startle you at the same time.

We are based north of Sydney on the Central Coast half way between Sydney and Newcastle.


Orders made through Oregano Oil Australia are sent within 1 business day. You can expect your order of oregano oil to arrive within 1 – 3 business days, via Australia Post (Express).


At Oregano Oil Australia our mission is to provide safe, effective and powerful oregano oil to people of all ages, races, backgrounds and cultures. No matter who you are, you’ll find oregano oil can help you.